Alex Johnson

Designing Software to Influence Choices

Several years ago I did some research on human decision-making, and found that (in the face of prior research on this topic) I could get people to make rational, consistent, predictable choices.


By simplifying their inputs. I did not know then that I would go on to design and manage software products, but I do know that it has informed every interface and interaction I have designed since.

Why Should You Care About User Experience?

Iyengar and Lepper (2000) demonstrated that when consumers had six variations of a particular product to choose from, they purchased one 30% of the time. But, when the number of choices increased to twenty-four, they only purchased 3% of the time.


These days, "Analysis Paralysis" and "Choice Overload" is affecting all consumers. And that means it affects your business.

That's where I come in. I design products and experiences that are clean and simple, and improve existing experiences. It doesn't all have to be spartan white; your website should convey your personality. But, it should be intuitive. I specialize in getting you there.


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